Simplicity in Saint Germain

Veranda posted pics of this apartment in the Saint Germain neighborhood of Paris on Instagram and now it has me even more excited to rent an apartment next year. It also makes me want to order a new sofa upholstered in a blue/black linen fabric.  I love how all the dark accents and gilt frames pop off the light walls. I'm also surprised that nothing was hung above the bed.  But sometimes it's nice to leave a place for the eye to rest. I'm sad to say though that I think the designer, David Gieseman, passed away in 2011.  He had been born in Ohio and lived in New York City before moving to Paris in 1977. I would like to think that he'd be happy to know that others are thinking of following in his footsteps and still admiring his lovely apartment. 

Photos by Joel Laiter
Posted By: Jum Aidi

Simplicity in Saint Germain