Small Business Saturday

What I love most about Europe are all the little specialty stores. It's comforting to come back year after year and see that they are still open and haven't been pushed out by rent increases so common in New York. After the Black Friday shopping gluttony at big box stores in the US, there has been a push to support independent retailers on Small Business Saturday. I can't think of any better small businesses to promote today than my sponsors.  Some of them might not seem small now but they all started out as a small operation with the owners doing everything and some of them are still that way.  Others have just opened and could use your support today and everyday. 

And don't forget about my collaborations with Sonic Editions and Dempsey & Carroll and my lovely friend Heidi Wynne

Merci from Paris! 


Photo from London by me. 
Posted By: Jum Aidi

Small Business Saturday