Bergdorf Goodman Holidays on Ice Windows

Last night, I stood out in the cold with hundreds of other people to witness the unveiling of the Bergdorf Goodman Holidays on Ice windows and it was well worth the cold hands. We were even treated to a show with acrobats climbing down the side of the building like Spider-Man and even swinging out over the crowd. As long time readers will know, they are my absolute favorite holiday windows. They never disappoint and this year was no exception. The theme of Holiday on Ice is a unique one too with the 4th of July window above being my favorite.  Due to time constraints with my upcoming trip, I only took my iPhone but I think the magic still translates regardless of the picture quality.  I highly recommend walking by in person to truly appreciate their beauty. 

Happy Holidays on Ice!

Upside down April Fools Day on ice window. 

Arbor Day on ice window. 

Halloween on ice window. 

Valentine's Day on ice reminds me of a Will Cotton painting. 

Acrobat flying off the building. 

iPhone photos by moi

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Bergdorf Goodman Holidays on Ice Windows