Chic at Charlotte's

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of attending an intimate breakfast in the very chic courtyard of the home of interior designer Charlotte Moss.  She was tasked with guest editing the November issue of House Beautiful magazine and chose the theme of "The Arts of Living." I can attest from the preview that it is a match made in heaven.  The jumping off point was the thought "what happens when the decorating is done?" How do you live in your house and entertain? I loved a story Newell Turner, editor in chief of the Hearst Design Group, of how Charlotte makes her clients commit to a party after their design project.  It means that you can't put off entertaining because you're missing two last cushions or something else you think you need in order to invite people into your home. Makes me wish that I had scheduled my own cocktail party after a video shoot in my apartment this week while all my magazines were safely hidden in my closet and my apartment was full of flowers.  The November 2013 issue of House Beautiful guest edited by Charlotte Moss should be in your mailbox and on newsstands soon. 

Bon weekend! 

House Beautiful editor Shax Reigler, Charlotte Moss, and Hearst Design Group editor in chief, Newell Turner.

Charlotte discussing a story on Monticello that is reason enough to pick up this issue. Charlotte is a trustee of The Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello so she has access to parts of the home not usually open to the public. 

Charlotte's beautiful courtyard. 

 Charlotte via New York Magazine.

Charlotte via Domino

Photo via New York Magazine.

A look at the beautiful shutters on the back of Charlotte's home. 

All photos by me except where otherwise noted. 

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Chic at Charlotte's