Arbiters of Style: Antony Hail and Charles Posey

There is no greater compliment than when someone knows your style.  The team at Christie's had a feeling that I would appreciate the upcoming sale, Arbiters of Style: The Collection of Anthony Hail and Charles Posey, and they were more than right.  Anthony Hail was an interior designer in San Francisco who believed in collecting and taking time to decorate his client's homes. His taste was impeccable as can be seen in the photos of his own home here. I was surprised to learn that it was only a two bedroom apartment but the perfectly proportioned rooms were more than enough room for frequent entertaining. 

There are many beautiful pieces of furniture and artwork in the sale on Tuesday, October 8, 2013, including a set of lamps given to Anthony Hail by decorator Billy Baldwin and the beautiful painting by Paolo Porpora above the sofa. Not to mention many pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage that I know will be snapped up quickly. Best of all, anything with an estimate under $5,000 will be sold without a reserve. 

"One of the most enchanting small apartments I know was created by Anthony Hail ten years ago in San Francisco...What was so special about this room was the utter simplicity of no color, the quality of the few pieces of furniture, and the total lack of pretentiousness. The rarity of the few decorative objects gave this almost sanctuary-like atmosphere, particularly rare at that time. It was in strict contrast to all other decoration in America then." - David Hicks

After talking with one of the curators and learning more about Anthony Hail, I was saddened that I never had the chance to meet him.  He sounded liked like not just an amazing designer but an amazing person. And also a bit cheeky.  The word association page in the front of the catalog is outlined below. Happy Bidding!

Living rooms - Live in them.
Dining rooms - Get rid of them.
Family rooms - Ugh. 
Studies - Fine, if you want to go and study. 
Libraries - Love 'em. 
Kitchens - Don't care. 
Bedrooms - Not too many. 
Master bedrooms - Dark, extremely comfortable, and warm. 
Children's rooms - Indestructible, fresh, unpretentious. 
Entrance halls - They set the mood for the house. They should be vignettes of the house. 
Bathrooms - I live in mine. 

Pair of Chinese Black Glazed and Gilt-Decorated Faceted Vases mounted as lamps. A gift from Billy Baldwin in 1963. 

I loved seeing all the silver laid out together before placed around the room. 

Three Louis Vuitton Suitcases with CP monograms. 

Photos of Anthony Hail and Charles Posey apartment courtesy of Christie's.  
Photos of Christie's viewing exhibition by me. 
Posted By: Jum Aidi

Arbiters of Style: Antony Hail and Charles Posey