Making Room for More Art

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I thought it would be interesting to look at art in some less traditional places.  The design world loves to hang art in kitchens and baths and even some closets but not sure if everyone else is on board with it.  I certainly would be careful not to hang any priceless works of art in a steamy bathroom or anything to close to the stove without glass but why not prop a painting up on a shelf of glasses. As an avid collector, I'm always looking for anyplace left to display art and I might start on the closet next. 

via House Beautiful

via Emily Jenkins Followill

via Elle Decor

Kitchen of Kate and Andy Spade. 

Kitchen of Kate and Andy Spade. 

Aerin Lauder Kitchen.

Bill Blass Closet. 

Art on doors is a great idea when you've completely run out of room! 

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Making Room for More Art