Topiary Chic

After my visit to Aerin Lauder's house and store in the Hamptons, I decided that I needed a topiary.  Since I don't have a house like hers above, I settled for a small myrtle topiary and a larger ball topiary in a blue and white pot similar to the one in her store.  It's a great way to add some life and color to your home, inside and out, as you can see from these examples. Now that people are sick of the fig trees, this could be an elegant new option. 

Topiary outside Le Petit Trianon taken by moi. 

Topiaries outside Le Petit Trianon taken by moi.

Similar topiaries and planters outside Dior in Paris. 

Design by Steven Gambrel.

Topiaries on the Upper East Side taken by me via instagram. 

Love these blue and white pots!

Anna Wintour's home designed by Carrier & Co. 

Bunny Mellon

via AD

via Henhurst Interiors

Steven Gambrel

Topiaries outside Zeze the other day taken by me. 

This one looks like it's in an old champagne bucket. 

Design by Steven Gambrel. 

Design by Steven Gambrel. 

Design by Steven Gambrel. 

Design by Steven Gambrel. Clearly Steven knows that topiaries are great for styling a shoot. 

Chic topiary at Cartier event taken by me. 

Bunny Williams

The topiary in AERIN Southampton that inspired me.  Photo by me. 

My new topiary the flower market in a pot from Pearl River Mart. I've nicknamed it the Leaning Topiary of Pisa.  If anyone has a source for the one in Aerin's store, please let me know. 

My new myrtle topiary from the flower district that I have managed not to kill yet!

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Topiary Chic