Southern Charm

Sometimes I leaf through my new magazines and then throw them on the pile to be fully read later. Sometimes I like a particular interior but forget about it until it pops up later for further consideration. That was the case with this house in Georgia designed by Furlow Gatewood that was featured in Veranda two years ago. Maybe it resonates now that I own more antiques and art or maybe because I have blue and white on the brain.  It's worth taking a second look regardless. Mr. Gatewood definitely has a magic touch when it comes to design but then again, he's worked with the best, John Rosselli.  I hope someone is reshooting this amazing house so we see more. You know, as is the case with all antique dealers, it's probably undergone a complete transformation in the time since these photos were published. 

"Antiquing is the best entertainment I have down here.  If you don't count decorating that is, and dogs, and peacocks." - Furlow Gatewood

Photos by Max Kim Bee for Veranda

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Southern Charm