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If you've ever walked around midtown during lunch time, you know American men love themselves a baggy suit. It's too bad they don't realize that good tailoring can make you look at least 10 pounds thinner and even 10 years younger. If you or the man in your life could use a little sartorial sprucing, I suggest heading to Miller's Oath on Greenwich Street.  I've been hearing great things about founder Kirk Miller, not only from my lovely friend Alice Ryan, who also happens to be Kirk's wife, but the boy blogging community so I thought a visit was finally in order. Miller's Oath offers bespoke shirting and suits, as well as a few accessories like ties, scarves, and pocket squares, but will soon expand into ready to wear options and a possibly larger space.  

It's a little under the radar but they will also custom make pieces for the ladies.  I just got fitted for my own bespoke shirt and can't wait to have sleeves the right length. I inquired about the possibility of a shirtdress and was told that it's coming soon. Shirts take about six weeks and suits approximately 8-10 and require three fittings.  Once they have made your pattern though, it's easy to reorder. Everything is made in America but the fabrics are imported because as Kirk told me, America doesn't have any fabric mills left which is a shame.

Kirk Miller isn't just some fly by night menswear designer either. He started off at another bespoke tailor Seize sur Vingt before heading to Paul Stuart which is where he really learned the tailoring trade.  It was at Thom Browne that he saw the more creative side of menswear. He went out on his own first with his brother Derrick Miller, who you may remember from a Domino apartment feature, to create bespoke shoes under the name Barker Black until leaving to start Miller's Oath in 2010. 

While all this experience was the backbone of his education, it was his father's own closet of English suiting that was the true inspiration.  A family album that his father created also led to the discovery of his great-grandfather's store in Groton, South Dakota that has also led to further inspiration.  It was successful because it was along the route west for the gold rush and is part of the reason for the pickaxe insignia of Miller's Oath. A symbol of hard work that still stands up today. Now if we could just get those men from Midtown into the shop.

Miller's Oath
510 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10013

Kirk Miler 

The space used to house a restaurant and they uncovered the fireplaces in the renovation process.

The signature Miller's Oath collar but they do offer other styles. 

Tweed is also a bit of a signature.

I think I might have to have a jacket made after my shirt and shirtdress.  Kirk told me he's made some custom suiting for a few female clients that really looked great. 

This photo is of his great-grandfather's store in Groton, South Dakota. 

A bespoke coat in progress for a client. 

Kirk told me a funny story about this photo.  When they had just finished the first stage of renovating and painting, Kirk heard a knock at the door.  One of their neighbors on the block had been watching the transformation and said he would be right back because he had something for him.  He came back with this photo because he said he felt like it belonged in the space. The mat is a perfect match for the color of the walls of Miller's Oath and it's such a great New York story. 

Kirk's father is a custom book binder and made this family album that served as inspiration for Miller's Oath. 

Alice and Kirk's son Grey Miller stopped by for a visit and to supervise. Baby Elliott was too young for a visit but I look forward to meeting her soon. 

Kirk makes custom clothes for Grey who could not be cuter. I wasn't sure we were going to get along when he told me girls can't wear jeans but the almost five year old won me over when he told me he liked my jewelry. 

I feel like Grey Miller could pay for college with some child modeling. 

Most of the photos of Grey are a little blurry because he never stopped moving but I couldn't resist posting this one in anticipation of Father's Day.

Did I mention that Kirk Miller was also a professional soccer player?  At the end of the day he played around with Grey while still wearing his bespoke suit. If that's not the sign of a great dad, I don't know what is!  

Happy Father's Day to Kirk and all the great dads out there including my own! 

All photos by me. 
Posted By: Jum Aidi

Miller's Oath