Dearest Annabel

We all know the saying that life is short but you are never really reminded of it until someone you know passes away suddenly.  The fashion world was devastated by the news this morning that stylist Annabel Tollman died in her sleep Wednesday night of a blood clot.  It's easy to think that because she was a stylist that she was superficial or frivolous but she was truly beautiful both inside and out. 

I first met her at a party just a year and a half ago but she was one of those lovely Brits who you feel like you've known forever the minute you meet them.  I fell completely under her spell as soon as she told me she liked my coat and even more so when she mentioned it again on our next encounter.  She was one of those delightful people who always knew the right thing to say and always made you smile.  

When I found out recently that Domaine Home was going to shoot her apartment, I invited myself over to watch and visit. Of course, I emailed her to make sure it was ok and she just laughed and said how sweet I was to even ask.  I learned more about beauty products and skincare in the 10 minutes I watched her get ready to be photographed than I have in an entire lifetime of reading magazines. But she made me feel like I had taught her new things which was her way.  I couldn't wait to see more of her this summer and I'm absolutely heartbroken that I won't ever see her again.  

I sit here with tears in my eyes hoping that her family knows what joy she brought to so many people and that it will comfort them in their time of grief.

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Dearest Annabel