Take a Chance on Greece

"Of all peoples, the Greeks have dreamt the dream of life best." - Goethe

For her third season of Chance, founder and creative director Julia Leach not only dreamed of Greece but traveled there to capture the spirit of the collection on location.  She worked with local photographer Yiorgos Kaplasnidis and a local model  in these stunning images shot on the island of Paros. Greece was the perfect backdrop to not only her signature stripes but new caftans and tunics debuting this May.  The Chance ethos is described as "classics that travel the world" and if you can't get away, you can feel like you have thanks to Julia. 

Chance Greece inspiration board. 

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Photos by Yiorgos Kaplasnidis courtesy of Chance (click to enlarge)

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Take a Chance on Greece