Skirting the Issue

The temperature in New York is headed into the 70's this week.  Hallelujah!  That means we women, and a few men, can all pull a skirt out our closet and wear it with bare legs and maybe even some sandals.  There is something about a full flirty skirt that seems so perfect for spring too.  The only problem with this is that when I went online to buy some, I couldn't find that many that I liked that weren't outrageously expensive.  Luckily, I have a few in my closet that I can wear with a tucked in blouse like some of these lovely ladies. If anyone needs me the next few days, I'll be outside! 

via The Sartorialist

Ann Mashburn does have a nice Box Pleat Skirt online similar if not the same as the one she's wearing above.'s Marina Larroude has a lot of great full skirts in her wardrobe.  So jealous of this and her skinny legs. 

via Street Peeper

Stephanie Seymour is in a dress not a skirt but I love this look!

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via Stockholm Street Style

I passed up buying this dress a while back and now regret it. 

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Skirting the Issue