Let's Lift It

I refer to Andrea Stanford as my Fairy Godmother in Los Angeles and the description is apt.  We first met online years ago when I posted pics from C magazine where she was the Design + Style Editor.  She still contributes to the magazine that is worth reading even if you don't visit California all that often.  When I visited LA in 2010, she set up a whole day of meeting designers in their stores and offices.  And when I was shooting my book, she made more introductions.  For someone who is bff's with celebrities and could be a complete diva, Andrea is one of the most generous people I know. Her transition to One Kings Lane where she is Vice President of Merchandising, Designer, and Vintage Sales, has been a match made in heaven too. I'm surprised anything makes it to the online sales before she buys it for the Beverly Hills home she shares with her husband and three daughters. 

When I was in LA this past January, I was able to see Andrea in the new much larger One Kings Lane offices that are going to be beyond chic when finished.  It was there that she mentioned that The Coveteur was coming the next day to shoot her at home.  I did what any self respecting fashionista would do, I begged to come over to watch.  It was also a treat to meet founders Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg in person.  Sadly, Erin Kleinberg was not in town for this shoot.  The shoot just went online today and it was so fun to see the end result.  As you can see, Andrea has a pretty chic home and even chicer closet.  And three very lucky daughters. 

Photos by Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Let's Lift It