More to Love in Madrid

Every search on the internet ends in a trip down the rabbit hole but it usually turns out for the best.  That's how I found this duplex apartment in Madrid designed by one of my favorite designers Lorenzo Castillo.  From what I can gather from my limited Spanish, it might be for his brother Santiago Castillo, an abstract artist whose work hangs in Lorenzo's apartment in the same building.  You might remember it from this post which I just realized I posted almost exactly one year ago.  Funny how that happens.  While it has a similar feel to Lorenzo's apartment the patterned wall covering creates a bold backdrop for the artwork. Also makes me want to move to Spain tomorrow.  Adios amigos!

Pattern on pattern on patter.

These stools would be perfect in my apartment. Sigh.

Love how the kitchen was styled for a magazine shoot with the basket woven bull heads. 

The spiral staircase leads up to the bedroom. 

The wooden doors are off the main courtyard of the building. 

The long entry foyer leads to another set of doors into the apartment. 

I love everything about this vignette. 

Too bad we don't have spaces like this in America. 

I think this is the main staircase up to Lorenzo's apartment. The colors and artwork are perfection. 

Posted By: Jum Aidi

More to Love in Madrid