Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I started a new kitchen folder recently which then expanded to include butler's pantries and open shelved storage.  Which then expanded to include a few shots of food and greenery and flowers.  It's an everything and the kitchen sink post literally and figuratively.  It also seemed fitting to post it now as many will be sitting down to Passover and Easter meals with their families.  Since I celebrate Easter, I didn't realize how much cleaning must be done in preparation for Passover.  Jews must remove all traces of leaven or chametz which "is defined as the result of grain that ferments" from their kitchen and home. I feel like I could stand to remove all leaven from my life too after all the bread I ate this weekend and do some spring cleaning of my own. Happy holidays to all who are celebrating this week.

Larry McGuire of Josephine House in Austin

Photo by Karen Rosenlund.  When I was putting these images together, I didn't realize I had three from Karen who has a great site here and blog here

Photo by Karen Rosenlund

Martha Stewart

via Honey & Jam

Photo by Karen Rosenlund

via Skona Hem

Photo by Laura Moss

via Tricia Foley

via Lonny

Heydt Designs

Sage Design

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via Tricia Foley

via Bunny Williams

Tim Barber Architecture

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via Chalon

via Desire to Inspire

Ina Garten

Ann Lee Thornton

Roman and Willaims

Top Image: via Sarah Klassen

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Everything and the Kitchen Sink