Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Recap

The 2013 Oscar awards ceremony may have fallen flat due to Seth MacFarlane but luckily most of the red carpet gowns hit it out of the park. 

Best actress winner Jennifer Lawrence has a contract with Dior so it was no surprise that she wore Dior Haute Couture.  I wish I had a photo of the back of her hair because it looked as amazing as the dress. She may have fallen up the stairs to accept her Oscar for Best Actress but she pulled it off with aplomb

Charlize Theron is the only woman who can shave her head and look this gorgeous at the Oscars. Although once someone tweeted that she looked like Brigitte Nielson, I could see the resemblance.  She's also wearing Dior Haute Couture and is one of my best dressed of the night.

"I'd hit that." - what Jennifer Hudson might be thinking in the background. Ha!

There was a press release that announced that Anne Hathaway was going to wear Valentino and then showed up wearing Prada.  She said she only chose it three hours before which is maybe why the bodice didn't fit perfectly.  Actually, Valentino might have been what she wore on stage to sing with the cast of Les Miserables...silent s unless you pronounce it like John Travolta. It also reminded many of us of Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Ralph Lauren Oscar dress. I wasn't feeling it but her hair looked lovely.

Jessica Chastain looked like a screen siren of years past in Armani Privé. I don't know if it looks as good in photos as it did on screen but I liked it. 

Loved the red lip and flowing hair. 

Tadashi Shoji presented a beautiful collection during fashion week and Octavia Spencer also looked beautiful in one of his gowns. Again, I don't know if it photographed as well as it looked on screen especially the beaded bodice. 

I'm a little on the fence about Amanda Seyfried's Alexander McQueen dress.  I think I like her better in bolder colors. 

Amy Adams looked like a beautiful princess in Oscar de la Renta with her husband, Darren Le Gallo. 

I just wish she had worn a bolder lip color. 

Naomi Watts just looks better and better.  The top of her Armani Privé dress could have veered off into pageant territory but looks very chic on the Oscar nominee. 

Liev Schriber doesn't look too bad either.  So when Naomi looses she really wins because she gets to go home with him. 

Sandra Bullock looked elegant in Elie Saab but maybe shouldn't have worn the hair clip.  Just my two cents. 

I think Nicole Kidman's L'Wren Scott gown also looked better on the broadcast than in this photo.  It was a bold choice but I kind of liked it. She could maybe do with a new hair stylist thought.  

People joked that Jennifer Hudson stole Naomi Campbell's hair but she looked fabulous in her metallic blue Roberto Cavalli gown. If she had stolen Naomi's hair, I'm sure she wouldn't have made it to the ceremony so I'm pretty sure it's hers. 

In a weird twist, I think Reese Witherspoon's Louis Vuitton dress looks better in this photo than it did on screen.  She does look great in blue. 

Nine year old Quvenzhane Wallis wore blue Armani Junior with one of her famous puppy purses and looked better than more than a few on the red carpet. 

Helen Hunt store Sharon Stone's high-low mix with her H&M dress paired with &700,000 worth of jewels. She also never seems to age so if anyone knows the name of her doctor, call me. 

Not sure what those Gucci ruffles looked like after Jennifer Garner sat on them but who cares because she's married to Ben Affleck.  If you haven't seen Argo yet, download it now. Ben and team definitely deserved the Best Picture Oscar. 

Get out your leg warmers and leotards because I think we all need to be doing Jane Fonda videos if that's what it will take to look this good. I don't know who made her dress and I don't care.  She looks incredible!

Kerry Washington would look gorgeous in a garbage bag but I'm also on the fence about her Miu Miu gown.  I think I like it but I didn't love it. 

Sally Field should be the example that today's starlet should look up to for more than just her acting.  She never seems to age and always looks appropriate.  I LOVED her in this red Valentino gown.  You go Gidget. 

I am and always will be Team Aniston.  She's my hair spirit animal and I'm so happy she found a tattooed hipster biker boy to marry.  

Chris Pine just because.  You're welcome. 

I wish Eddie Redmayne had brushed his hair back like a gentleman. 

The Jenny Packham show was one of my favorites at fashion week and Adele looks amazing in one of her black beaded gowns. Adele wears a lot of black but if it ain't broke, don't fit it.  Plus she can sing like an angel and won an Oscar for Best Song for Skyfall so she's allowed to do whatever %&#@ she wants. 

I think she might be my new hair spirit animal. Amazing! 

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Posted By: Jum Aidi

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Recap