Pretty in Pink

Long time readers will remember my aversion to pink.  After growing up in a pink bedroom, I can't even imagine ever living with the color again.  But just because it's not right for me doesn't mean I can't appreciate it in someone else's home.  I don't know journalist Alina Cho but I often see her at fashion week and events here in New York. I think I also saw her shopping in Barneys one day. In the midst of all the kooky outfits and bum grazing mini skirts, I always appreciate her ladylike style.  That's not to say that she dresses boring. She's often wearing something fabulous and colorful to stand out on camera.  It seems that her fashion style sensibility extends to her own midtown apartment that she worked on with interior designer Bibi Monnahan.  While it's full of classic pieces, they are upholstered in bold fabrics that stand out against the pink walls.  The whole thing is topped off with her enviable art collection.  It's definitely worth rethinking my stand on pink. 

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Pretty in Pink