Italian Portraits

I realized that most of my posts lately have been a little feminine side so I thought I'd post a little something for my male readers.  Although, I do realize that the ladies will also enjoy it.  I don't want to be accused of being sexist again.  (It's always something.)  Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal mentioned that Tods has published a follow up to their first book Italian Touch called Italian Portraits.  It highlights some of the best dressed men in Italy and just as many well dressed interiors.  When I started looking for more photos, I noticed that my friend Blue Carreon just posted about the book on his site Style Intel so I'm borrowing some of his images. 

I can always spot an Italian man in New York because he's usually wearing colored pants and a luxurious cashmere sweater.  Unlike most American men who wear baggy over sized apparel, his clothes will be tailored to perfection and fit like a glove. He's usually pretty darn handsome too.  Now I'm excited to have a book full of them in Italian Portraits.  Ciao!

Photos via Italian Portraits

Posted By: Jum Aidi

Italian Portraits