Traveling Chic

My flight on Friday was cancelled "due to weather" by the fine folks at USAirways so I'm flying home on Saturday now.  On the bright side, the extra day gave me time to get some work off my plate and take a photo of my travel ensemble.  It was inspired by Charlize Theron's outfit in my Traveling in Style post yesterday. 

Blazer - I love traveling in a blazer but sometimes they can be a little constricting.  This "Jogging Blazer" from Zara is made of a sweatshirt type of material that stretches for comfort.  

Jeans - I only wear J.Crew Matchstick Jeans.  They are a great price so as soon as they fade, I can buy a new pair. 

Tee Shirt - The J.Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee is super soft and also a favorite. 

Scarf - You have to travel with a scarf no matter what the season because you never know how chilly it can be on a plane. Cashmere scarves from Club Monaco are perfect. 

Tote Bag - I have a few Goyard bags from Barneys because they chic and virtually indestructible. Although, I may upgrade to a Celine tote for autumn. 

Sandals - These Roger Vivier sandals are also a favorite.  My old pair finally fell apart this summer so I bought a new pair in black and another in yellow.  Tan will be next. I also carry a pair of Chanel two-tone ballet flats in my bag in case my feet get chilly. 

Sunglasses - I wanted a pair of Ray Ban Aviators but the Classic Green Lens style wasn't right for me. These are the over sized Classic Aviators with Golden Lenses that I found at Bergdorf Goodman

Watch - Vintage Breitling from my dad. 

Necklace - I found this gold three ring necklace at the Brooklyn Flea years ago.  I just ran into designer Elma Blint at the Williamsburg flea market recently and bought another necklace.  I love her designs.

Ring - Green, gold and wood by The Branch that I bought at Treillage always garners compliments. 

Pouch - this is my new favorite purchase that I found by Pamela Barsky at the Artists and Fleas outpost near the Brooklyn flea market.  She has a ton of cute sayings on two different size pouches.  She also sets up at Chelsea Market so check her website or twitter for the schedule. 

Magazines - I'm old school. I don't care if you can read magazines online. I still love to travel with actual printed material to read when I travel.  

Later skaters! 

Photo by me via instagram. Click to enlarge. 
Posted By: Jum Aidi

Traveling Chic