A Good Day

Many of my days are spent working at home alone. That's why I enjoy getting out and about for appointments and meetings.  Tuesday was especially fun filled so I thought I'd give you a glimpse into a good day.  

It started with a 10:0am press appointment for India Hicks Jewelry at The Mark Hotel. In a stroke of lucky timing, her partner David Flint Wood was exiting the elevator as I was about to enter.  David is a wonderful interior designer as you may have seen from his client Brook Shield's beautiful apartment in Architectural Digest. He's at work on another project in the city which was where he was headed. He's also an avid HC blog reader.  Woo hoo! 

India is also wonderfully talented as you can see from her jewelry designs.  The Love Letters are based on her father David Hicks' alphabet designs. 

Other pieces are inspired by her Island Life in the Bahamas. 

The hexagon pattern was a favorite of her father and is the basis for the Hicks on Hicks collection. 

My appointment coincided with that of Amanda Ross.  Here you can see her bracelet-ed arm pointing to India's wonderful mix of gold and silver charms. 

Beautiful bangles. 

I loved the feathers. 

A few more pieces. 

The Mark Hotel is not only chic outside but they offer guests these snazzy bikes.  I think they are reason alone to book a stay. 

I then walked down Madison Avenue where I popped into the J.Crew Collection and Bridal boutique at the corner of 66th Street.  They always have pieces not available online and it's my favorite place to shop. I picked up a pink dress for a party in the Hamptons this weekend but forgot to take a pic. Just two blocks down were a gaggle of girls and paparazzi watching Gossip Girl filming.

Blake Lively and Chace Crawford braved the hot temperatures to film a scene for Season 6 of Gossip Girl which premiers on October 8th. 

Then it was off to Barneys to see the new shoe mecca on the fifth floor.  The men's and women's sides are now connected which is nice when you're shopping with your significant other or friends. 

This is a not so great iPhone pic so please excuse the quality.  I didn't buy shoes but I did buy a fabulous Fendi dress that was so on sale it was practically free.  I jest of course but it was a great deal and the saleswoman was kind enough to call the Chicago store to have my size sent to me.  I forgot to take a pic of the dress but some of you will see it during fashion week and my book tour.

Then it was off to the beauty floor to replenish my stock of Santal 26 by Le Labo.  I just can't quit it and since it's become my signature scent, I figured I might as well stick with it.  I also love the personalized labels. Thanks Frank!

After an air conditioned can ride downtown, I arrived at Cafe Cluny for lunch with Julia Leach of Chance Co.  

I arrived early which gave me time for a pink lemonade at the bar. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Julia Leach is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met.  She's also one of the most gracious and came bearing a gift so perfectly wrapped, I hated to open it.  I really can't wait until the day she has her own Chance boutiques and that hotel she is designing in her head.  

She had to run to a meeting but I took my time enjoying the chic bikes and architecture in the West Village. 

My biggest dream is to own a townhouse, preferably in the West Village.  Please buy lots of copies of my book so I can make it a reality!  Thanks!

A lovely door. 

It was so hot that Bleecker Street was a bit of a ghost town but that was fine by me. 

When the temperature rises to over 90 degrees, that calls for gelato.  I stopped into L'Arte del Gelato but Kelly Ripa was just raving about La Cremeria on Mulberry Street. She said it tastes the closest to gelato in Italy.  I look forward to trying it on the next 90+ day. 

New magazines don't hit the newsstands uptown until Wednesday but I found the new August Vogue available on Tuesday.  Another reason to move downtown.  I also picked up some cheeky "Shit I'll Never Get Done" notepads by Terrapin Stationers at BookMarc.  

When I got home and declared on twitter that I had the best day, I received an email inviting me to tag along on a photo shoot in the Hamptons Thursday for one of the hottest men alive. I get to take my own photos and will be posting them soon. Certainly makes up for those other days working at home alone! 

All photos by moi.
Posted By: Jum Aidi

A Good Day